WiFi smart socket supports up to 16A socket switch socket for Amazon Alexa Google Home

Product parameters

  • Input voltage: AC 110V-240V
  • Output voltage: AC 110V-240V
  • Maximum output current: 16A (Max)
  • Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Support type: Alexa / Google home IFTTT
  • Mobile phone compatible system: IOS8.0 / Android4.2 or above
  • Pin specifications: US three-pin

Product selling points

  • Unique appearance. The jack is centered and many technical barriers have been overcome. Really symmetrical and beautiful.
  • Mini size design, does not take up space and is more convenient to use.
  • 16A, support high-power appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Wider scope of application
  • Voice control: Support Alexa and Google Home, IFTTT remote control, control home appliances at any time
  • Timing-Countdown or Set a Plan to Realize the Automation of Home Appliances
  • Scenario setting: Set a scenario for a single appliance or multiple appliances. Smarter and more efficient
  • Can share to family and friends, control home appliances together, more fun