Solar Panel Outdoor Security Camera



Material: ABS,Aluminum and plastic lens 

LED 8pcs: White Lights 

Sensor: PIR Sensor 

Camera Dimension: 180*60*165mm 

Camera Weight: 300g

Camera activation: Continuous 

Operation Temperature: -20°C- +60°C 

Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHS 

Solar Panel 

Solar Panel Size: 140*85*30mm 

Weight: 350g 

Built-in battery capacity: 2 sections 18650 lithium battery, Sanyo 5200mAH (Sanyo; Samsung; Panasonic) 

Maximum output: 5V/1.3A,Output over current protection, short circuit protection 

Charging: Solar charging / external input power charging (5V) 

Solar charging output: 1.6W 

Solar charging current:  320mA 

Support three boot modes :

1,It detects that the solar output is greater than 0.2W. 

2,Press the button to manually boot 

3,Check load automatically boot 

Triple battery protection: 

1,Over-discharge protection, the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, cut off the discharge circuit. 

2,Over-current protection, the charging voltage reaches 4.2V, and the charging is automatically cut off. 

3,Temperature protection, stop charging at high temperature and low temperature (> 65℃,<2℃) 

Power management function: 

1,Stop the battery from entering the invalid state of charge. 

2,More than 91% of the power output conversion rate, greatly reducing the loss of finitepower.

Standard condition: 1000W/㎡;25℃;AM1.5 

Cable length: 3 meters micro usb 

Bracket: M6 Screw interface